rzetelna firma
Rem-en sp. z o.o.
Kosynierów Street no 34
Sosnowiec, Post code: 41-219
Tel. +48 32 298 89 88
E-mail: remen@remen.pl

We produce:

  • pantographs
  • drive shafts
  • sanders
  • brake skids
  • coils for expansion and rail brakes of switches

Our facility developed totally new solutions accepted by receivers of our services and registered as usage models in the Patent Office.

It refers among other to a new construction of pylons and coils for rail brakes, expansion brakes and switches with vulcanized windings (full protection of windings against external factors).

We have two patents for our solutions.

We offer production of pylons and pylons with lamp:

  • pylon with lamp STOR-1 (tension 800kg)
  • pylon with lamp STOR-2 (tension 1200kg)
  • pylon with lamp STOR-3 (tension 2000kg)
  • pylon STR-1 (tension 800 kg )
  • pylon STR-2 (tension 1200 kg )
  • pylon STR-3 (tension 2000 kg )

We perform overhauls of:

  • pantographs
  • drive shafts
  • expansion brakes and rail brakes
  • door machines
  • starters
  • coils for brakes and switches
  • switches' drives
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